hi guys!!! im in a really tight spot right now and so i decided to try out doing some commissions !!

i know my art isnt the best but i’d really appreciate it if you boost or even buy my art woah

all payments will go to my paypal which is

so here are the prices!!

icons- $3

sketch headshot- $5

colored & lined headshot- $10 

cartoon bust- $8

fullbody- $12 

will draw:

anything thats not on my will not draw lmAO

will not draw:

  • mechas
  • furries
  • extreme nsfw 
  • extreme nudity 

if you’d like to add an extra character/oc it’ll $1 more for each character 

my limit is 4!!

uhhh i think thats it ive never really done this before ahhh